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Today Monday 19th October 2020, some hoodlums attacked peaceful Protesters in Suleja LG. The peaceful Protesters who were severely injured told our correspondents that these hoodlums came with knives and woods at Kantoma, Suleja. According to some of the protesters we spoke with, they said their protest was just a peaceful one to address bad roads, police brutality, insecurity and bad governance. The injured protesters were treated at General Hospital Suleja while some were at Suzan hospital.

Here is what one of the siblings of the victims of the attack told us:

Our last born went out to join the Protest this morning with her friends. They got attacked likewise hoodlums. Her head was chopped, phone and bag seized and was nearly stabbed to death with a bottle. Her rescue was one of those thugs who seems to know her. She’s back home now.
Some of her friends are reportedly been machete with cutlasses and stabbed with bottles. Their whereabouts and conditions are still unknown at the moment. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM.

We made effort to speak with the Suleja LG Chairman Hon. Abdullahi Maje but he wasn’t on seat. The vice chairman who was present told us via his staff that he would say no word without the approval of his boss, the Chairman.

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