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Jubilee Road, a very busy road in Kurmin Sarki community(ward) Suleja, Niger State not more than 7 to 8 kilometers approximately has been abandoned for decades government.

The previous administration of Niger State Government started this road project and it was abandoned. The current administration came on board and last year  drainages were partly and shabbily put in place, the road was excavated, partly and shabbily leveled too with out coal-tar nor gravels.

For a long time this road(Jubilee Road, Suleja) has often been used as a means of campaign for politicians. They come every four years and make promises saying they will fix the road but nothing is done afterwards. 
As at the time this road project was abandoned till now, road users( including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists) are all finding it hard to use the road especially now that its raining period; even when its dry season, residents do not find it easy because of constant dust rise which is harmful to their health. 
Residents and community leaders have voiced out to the government and their efforts seems useless. Both present and past administrations have turn deaf ears on this community not just on this Jubilee Road project but also when it comes to electricity and good water supply. 
This is not the only abandoned road project in Kurmin Sarki ward. There are other roads like Back of General Hospital, SDP, back of Stadium just to mention but a few.
See more photos below of the abandoned Jubilee Road Niger State government in Suleja.

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