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The most talked about inspirational event SPEAK was a success and it was an inpactful night as speakers touched various areas of life.
SPEAK means Solving Problems Existing Anywhere Through Knowledge. Its put together Ground Zero under the leadership of Paul Bamikole who is the visioneer. Guests including Kenneth Sunday, Kckings, papasam, Paul Carl, Blessing Daniel, Abodel Voice, Seun of Miracle.Kckings on that same day released a new single click this link to download-  DOWNLOAD #YABO Kckings ft E-Daniels… Its trending Some other celebrities were present like Jclone, Joseph of the Insightful Magazine…. Papasam almost pulled some people out of their feet as they couldn’t answer some pertinent questions about their life. This is an event you shouldnt miss… Here is a recap in photos of the whole event.

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