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The UK’s Ministry of Defence has revealed a map showing how the Russians plan to invade Ukraine ‘without warning’

In an unusual step, UK Military leaders in the pictorial diagram revealed seven key locations Russia forces may use to storm the country under ‘phase one’.

While ‘phase two’ shows the second stage of their ground invasion plans.

According to the British military, troops could enter the country from Russia, Belarus or Crimea, before travelling to cities Odessa or Vinnytsia.

UK military officials said on Thursday night, February 17:

“Russia retains a significant military presence that can conduct an invasion without further warning.”

Their map “demonstrates President Putin’s possible axis of invasion”, the spokesman said.

“He still can choose to prevent conflict and preserve peace,” they added.

Vladimir Putin has insisted its tank units are withdrawing from the border and he wants diplomacy but senior NATO military sources say Russian troops are still advancing.

They say there have been sightings of additional armoured vehicles, helicopters and a field hospital moving towards Ukraine’s borders.

The assessment is based on secret intelligence from MI6, the CIA, spy-planes, satellites and secret agents.

UK Prime minister Boris Johnson on a visit to an RAF base in Lincolnshire, said:

“Today, as I’m sure you’ve already picked up, a kindergarten was shelled in what we are taking to be – well, we know – was a false flag operation designed to discredit the Ukrainians, designed to create a pretext, a spurious provocation for Russian action.

“There is still time to avoid a catastrophe, a catastrophe for Russia, a catastrophe for Ukraine and for the world,” he said, warning of a “bloody and protracted” conflict for both sides if Russia invaded.

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