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Pioneered Hypocrates
With Churches full of Deceit.
Cathedrals of Immorality.
Priest inculcating wrong sophisticated Religional doctrines to believers
and their faith not being stable oscillate as though it were a pendulum.

O generation of Vipers!
Who boast of their works and sin through their thoughts
Always at the porch
not wanting to go in
and preventing others who want to draw in.

O generation of Vipers.
Why not clutch to Christ?
And live Upright
He is salvation personified
So be the branch
And He the Vine
To His Words let your ears Incline
Thus keeping your Heart Aligned
Believe in Him, He is Divinity.
Oh yes
Call Him the Healer Divine.

O generation of Vipers
Why depart thee from thy root
Created in God’s Image
You don’t need design
A man after my heart
from God, should be your define.

O generation of Vipers
Lokoci ya’yi da zamu yi wa Ibilis zaani mai lafiya
cause we’ve been baptized with The HolyGhost.
And thats fire.
To loose the stiches of Religion
Call for Salvation in preparation to stand before the battlefield of Amageddon.

I talk too much?
Guy just allow me
cuz I AM the end time army
and I’ve got generals around me.
Written Elisha Jnr

Elisha Jnr, a young spoken words artist signed to I Am Best Music of Iambestnetworks.
He has great passion for the spoken words ministry and he is in charge of the Facebook page  “Say it Poetry.”
He is presently working on a particular spoken words project titled New Christianity…. Just anticipate. 
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