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Here is a press statement Femi Fani-Kayode detailing the incident that took place on monday
This govt is sick and cowardly and so are the EFCC. If you have a
problem with me face me and leave my family alone.

My wife traveled to Ado Ekiti to see my friend and brother Governor
Fayose and his family.

They were on their way out of town when they went to Access Bank in Ado
Ekiti to get some money.

When they got there my 8 month old son Aragorn and wife Precious
Chikwendu were illegally detained, brutalised and put under arrest on
the orders of the EFCC at a bank in Ado Ekiti today.

She has never had any business with me, she has never been formally
invited the EFCC or asked any questions about her transactions and
neither have they written to her on any issue even though they are
always sending letters to my house and sending people there.

If Buhari wants to deal with me why doesnt he face me like a man obstead
of trying to harm and hurt my 8 month old son and wife.

Had it not been for the intervention of Governor Ayo Fayose they would
have been taken them away and subjected them to all manner of harm and
indignities simply because she is married to me.

This was an account that has 200,000 naira in it and that has never had
more than 500,000.

She has operated it since 2005 and she stopped using it in 2013. The
account has no connection with me and I did not know it existed till

In an attempt to starve and harass me and my family all my accounts and
wifes accounts have been frozen.

Now they are resorting to arresting peoples wives and children for no
just cause.

I thank God for Gov. Fayose and the people of Ado Ekiti who stormed the
bank and freed my wife from this illegal detention and attempt to kidnap

Had it not been for the governors intervention and prescence the bank
would have been burnt down the crowd. My family have since left Ekiti

This is Buhari’s Nigeria and we will resist his wickedness and tyranny.

We intend to sue the bank and to sue the EFCC for this illegal and
wicked action. They have no right to do this. If they want to see my
wife all they need to do is to invite her. We have nothing to fear. They
do not need to be so primitive and barbaric to people.

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