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On Saturday, April 13, thousands gathered in Niamey, the capital of Niger Republic, demanding the prompt exit of US troops from the country.

This demonstration ensued after the military junta in Niamey announced its withdrawal from a military pact with Washington.

Since a coup in July, Niger had asserted in mid-March that a 2012 cooperation agreement had been unilaterally imposed the United States. Among the demonstrators in front of the National Assembly Headquarters in Niamey were students and notable figures from the military regime. The chants of the crowd echoed with slogans denouncing “American imperialism” and heralding “the people’s liberation.”

While French troops had been expelled the end of 2023, approximately 1,000 American soldiers remained stationed in Agadez city in the northern region. In late March, Niger revealed that the US would present a plan to withdraw its troops from the country. Though Washington declined to comment officially, it acknowledged contacting Niger for clarification.

“Sheikh Ahmadou Mamoudou, a respected religious leader, vocally urged for the swift and peaceful departure of the Americans, as they had promised,” exclaimed, “They said they would leave, so let them depart swiftly and tranquilly.”

As flags from Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, and Russia were visible, the organizers of the protest , however, advised demonstrators against using slogans that insulted the US or burning its flags.

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