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This speech was read yesterday Tuesday 20th Feb., 2018 His Excellency President Muhammad Buhari GCFR…. Read below

 I am delighted to be here today, and to be part of this memorable event.
 It is very encouraging that a State Government on its own ventures into the subject matter of fighting Corruption deliberately, as well as transparently subjects its methods to the whole nation for detailed discussion.  
 You may recall back on 29th May 2015, when I stated that we are faced with enormous challenges in this Country, with insecurity and institutionalized pervasive corruption being key and that my confidence remained high that together we will tackle them head on. As I had predicted, today I am proud to note that we have not relented in our determination to fight corruption.  We are fixing our problems together.
 Even though under our system the Federal Government cannot directly interfere in the details of the operations of States, but to see that the gross corruption at the local level is being checked and transparently reported is a thing of satisfaction and joy for me.  
We will try to ensure that, there is more responsible and accountable governance at all levels of government in the country.
 I note with satisfaction the logical steps taken Adamawa State Government in the last two and a half years to demonstrate that transparency, fiscal responsibility, accountability and timely delivery of strategic goods and services to develop the state and enhance the confidence of its people is a viable template to fighting corruption. 
Team work, the cordial relationship between the Executive and the Legislature, the respect and compliance with fiscal and procurement laws, the institutional reforms to improved efficiency, the drive to achieve value for money, as demonstrated this administration is worthy of note. 
 I recommend to other states this model along with all other winning approaches to enhance the progress and development of our Nation.
 The projects and progress I have seen in Yola along with the reports and presentations made here have given me encouragement on the future of the State.  I hope this momentum will be sustained.
 To the Government of Adamawa State, I say “well done and keep it up”.  To the people of Adamawa State, I congratulate you all for supporting the Government and encourage you to continue to give your maximum support to the State Government in its drive for a much better future.
 Thank you and may God bless our country.

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