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According to Freeze, ‘Sat Guraharaj Ji’s people called him & informing him that he was in lagos and wanted to discuss with him. What should he have said? No?’.
Read what he said below in full…

Why are people so stupid? We have been dumbed down decades of religious lies, are refusing to see the light of the true gospel, as they continue to embrace extinct belief systems propagated mainly charlatans.
Sat Guraharaj Ji’s people called me, informing me that he was in lagos and wanted to discuss with me. What should I have said? No? Although I was a bit apprehensive initially, I do not regret having this interview with him. He was more ‘christian’ than your so called GOs.
He spoke about love, kindness and forgiveness, something your GOs have largely neglected due to the quest they have for the money gospel. I repeatedly told him that I am a Christian teacher and preacher, so as not to create any confusion for his followers or our congregation.
He was extremely polite and his comportment impeccable, his enlightenment also showcased itself naturally as he spoke calmly. He referenced Jesus from time to time and played down the false ‘Money for miracles and healing’ Gospel your GOs swear by.
Some people said I was with an occultist, I laughed the greatest occult is when a popular GO asks you to pray to his magic wand, comb your hair backwards with an ‘anointed comb’ and the greatest form of idolatry is when you proceed to worship his chair afterwards, so please shut it!
I learnt a lot from SAT Guru Maharaj Ji and I am exceedingly glad our church the #FreeNation in Christ had the opportunity to interact with him and exchange love and well wishes. Our belief systems might be different but mutual respect, love and tolerance should be our forte.

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