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I am Best Networks have gathered that the Rivers state government has in a statement reacted to the sack of six police officers. This is what Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike said in a statement. 

“This officers committed no crime, other than stopping a carefully planned assassination attempt on the life of Governor Wike. The officers are the latest victims of the medieval authoritarianism of the APC government that seems to lurch blindly in the miasma of its own incompetence. We urge Nigerians to demand the immediate reinstatement of these officers, and for the Inspector General of Police to allow an independent inquiry. The APC government has never hidden it’s desperation to overrun Rivers State, colonise its people and loot the treasury of the state, but the Rivers people have seen the face of the Lord, and will spare no sacrifice as we resist the satanic agenda of the APC government.”

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