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Our  correspondent has gathered  that the young Yinka Adeparusi, who is in his 30s and also  an award-winning Nigerian photo-journalist with online publication, who was declared missing has been found dead.

It was reported that Mr. Adeparusi was killed in a motorcycle crash on Sunday, November 13th. 
This is what we got from website…..
“ confirmed that he was involved in a motorcycle accident in Abuja and died on the spot,” the statement said.
Mr. Adeparusi left his residence in Abuja suburb of Kugbo on Sunday afternoon with a message that he will be back. But when he didn’t return, his neighbours and later his colleagues became worried, especially when they couldn’t reach him on the phone.
This was quite unusual because Yinka was a soft-spoken, very professional and clear-headed individual; not the kind of person to wander off” 
Below are his achievements:

We got to find out that  Adeparusi is a graduate of Lagos State University School of Communication, where he graduated with double honours in Photojournalism and Cinematography and minor in mass communication.
He also received the People’s Choice Award for Human Rights Photography in Africa, German Development Media Awards and was the winner of the photojournalism award of the 6th Wole Soyinka Award for Investigative Reporting.

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