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Very sad news got to us that Charles Trumann Wesco, a missionary from Indiana, died in northwestern Cameroon after he was shot in the head on Tuesday amid fight between armed separatists and soldiers.

Charles, who had been in the region for just two weeks, was rushed to the hospital in Bamenda after he was gravely wounded while in his car. Hospital director Kingue Thomson Njie said, “he died in our hospital after all attempts to save his life”.
Wesco’s wife and eight children were still in Bamenda, he said. It was unclear if any of them were harmed or if someone else was with him in the car. 
Regional Governor Deben Tchoffo said armed groups staged attacks to stop the reopening of the University of Bamenda, and the military fought back on Tuesday. He said Wesco might have been caught in the crossfire. 
Source: L.Ikeji

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