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Do you want to create that success that you have always desired or you want to achieve massive success in this new year and beyond? Then you need to check out the most commonly ignored tips below which include:

  1. Write Down Your Goals on Paper.
    Do you know that your eyes is the window to your mind? Goals give your life a direction. Don’t just have the goals in your head…Writing them down is very important. Things are created twice-first is in your mind and second in reality. Your goals must be bigger than what it was yesterday. Your goals reveal your inner circle. Before you get what you want, you must first see yourself there. This will help you spot out people who have been designed to help you get there.
  2. Use the Right Words.
    Words can either make or mar you; become walls or bridges to success; create or destroy your success in your life; bring increase or decrease; can build or tear down; can break or build you.
    Words are indeed powerful and are double edged sword. Out of the abundance of heart, the mouth speaketh. This means that what you’re thinking is the words that come out of your mouth. The only thing that can program your mind is words.
    The words you speak in your life is the God in your life. What you think is what you become.
  3. Ask Questions.
    It’s important to ask questions and not just any questions but the right ones. This help to reveal humility(which can uplift you) and make you remain strong. Seeking clarity doesn’t make it less of you.
    Do note that when you’re ripe, you become rotten but when you’re green, you’re growing.
  4. Who is the First Person You Talk To?
    This is very important as it’s very important to show gratitude. The first thing to do when you wake up is to give thanks. Gratitude is the seed for getting more. When you appreciate God for what He has done, He’ll surely do more. Show gratitude. Be grateful.Gratitude opens more room for you to have more.
  5. Follow Instructions.
    Instructions are laid down guidelines. They are designed to save you from destructions. Do well to follow them strictly so you don’t get destroyed.
  6. Identify the Moments.
    Being able to identify the moments is very critical in achieving the next level of success.
  7. Have the Right Expectations.
    Expectations is synonymous to Confidence. Faith without expectations is no faith. What is going out of your mouth and what is going into your ears is very important.
    Expectations is the mother of Manifestation.
    As humans, we are made up of three components which include the body, mind and spirit. The ‘body’ follows the mind. The ‘mind’ is determined what the body does. The ‘spirit’ follows the mind. The spirit is the word. The words are what the mind follow. The spirit needs to be exercised more.
    Success is 90% Spiritual which means you speak the right words speaking positively. Stop trying to negate negativity. Instead of saying I will not go late to work today… It’s better saying I will be punctual today.
    Note that Success isn’t a destination but a Journey.
    If the above has helped you, kindly share your thoughts and spread the word. Feel free to share too
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