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The dreaded Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, denied the report that he had been injured in an airstrike the Nigerian army. On Wednesday, Nigerian Air force said two of its fighter jets bombarded an area in the village where the sect members had gathered to pray, injuring the terrorist leader and killing one of his deputies in the attack. Read his statement from the video…

He said:

‘As I speak, today is Thursday 7th Sha’aban (4th May) around Zuhr prayer. You claimed your jets struck at our gathering while we were praying, killed some of us and injured me near Damboa. I don’t even know the town you mentioned. 

“Gather all the photojournalists, the camera men and pressmen you have, let them assess this video to determine if I was wounded. “But we are not worried. We are making this video to dispel your propaganda. Deceitful people end in shame. 

“Earlier you claimed I was in Sambisa, now you said I was near Damboa road. You will never know my location. Allah kept out of sight because I believe in him and doing his biddings.

‘Be patient, once my time on earth ends, I will die. Nothing will happen to me.” 

“To Buhari, Buratai and lawmakers you are shouldering a burden beyond your capacity. Your imagination (on our capacity) is more incredible than the tale of a hawk that lifts an elephant. 

“So I’m alive. But if God wills that you will kill me, it is not surprising because many prophets of Allah were killed infidels. 

I will be happy to die in the cause of Allah. “Shekau is alive, Shekau is alive. I have not started killing in the name of religion yet. I will start in future.” 

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