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Gwagwada, a Gbagyi dominated area in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State is presently under severe  attack and people there are subjected to inhuman experience.

Residents have deserted and have left the area in anguish because of gruesome insecurity. Lives have been lost and properties destroyed. An indigene who is a resident of that area have shared with IAMBESTNETWORKS his live experience and pleaded to remain anonymous. Read below the inhuman experience melted on Gwagwada residents and governmen’s lack of concern for their lives and properties…

“A Brief Situation Report on Gwagwada.
Gwagwada is a ward in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
As of yesterday being 7th  February, 2019, 5 students were kidnapped on their way to School and a host of others were also kidnapped.
Those that have been kidnapped, their whereabouts is still unknown to their family members.
As of yesterday, Gwagwada town have been deserted because these kidnappers came and launched attacks at will.
I repeat, the people staying in Gwagwada town have vacated the area for safety.
Security personnel came to Gwagwada as of yesterday, at the same time, they still left that same yesterday.
At least, 8 villages have been deserted due to constant attacks these kidnappers.
It is only across the Railway in Gwagwada that is remaining for the kidnappers to send parking.
Note:Right now all shops are closed, no place to buy food and recharge Card.
Gwagwada residents are just left for dead.
God have mercy.”

We therefore call on the government of Kaduna State and all security agents to horridly restore peace at Gwagwada and her environs and bring to book the perpetrators of these evil acts.

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