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Recently Honourable Shekwolo Haruna Audi an APC chieftain, also an aide to Bwari Area Council Chairman of FCT Abuja , a native of Ushafa and currently the supervisory councillor Bwari LDC was FALSELY ACCUSED of physically assaulting one Mr Chibuisi MBA who is an Abuja online Journalist and his pregnant wife, Mrs Blessing.
The false accusation was published some bloggers who never investigated the matter to the latter but published the untrue story with probably the aim of seeking online traffic and to rubbish the good name of Honourable Shekwolo. Since then the false news was published, it has been flying on online media platforms and social media.
Honourable Shekwolo Haruna Audi is a well respected  man who is known for his benevolence, kind and soft hearted nature in Abuja, Bwari Area Council and Ushafa Community where the incident occurred.

IAMBESTNETWORKS did an underground findings to get to the root of the matter and to know the truth. It didn’t stop there, Our correspondent, Shedrach Elisha was able to speak with Honourable Shekwolo on phone. We were able to get to the root of the matter and there are proves to show that Honourable Shekwolo is innocent(This includes a video and a WhatsApp conversation between Mr Chibuisi and Honourable Shekwolo. Mr Chibuisi confesses and apologises to Shekwolo).
Below is the true version of the incident and attached are evidences which includes WhatsApp conversation between Mr Chibuisi and Hon.Shekwolo also with a video.

According to Honourable Shekwolo and an eye witness(who remained anonymous for security reasons), Mr Chibuisi came helplessly to him in search of an apartment to rent. Shekwolo who is kind hearted had pity on the Abuja journalist, Mr Chibuisi and leased out a room to him and his wife even though he didn’t pay his rent completely.

Shekwolo told our correspondent that Mr Chibuisi stayed for one year without completing his rent and so after several demands & dialogue, Mr Chibuisi refused to balance up.  Shekwolo had to send him packing to help another homeless family who were stranded. After a long time Mr Chibuisi refuse to leave the house. Not until on Monday 25th of June, Hon Shekwolo insisted he must leave his apartment. Mr Chibuisi was called upon to come home from where he went to pack his belongings and leave the apartment but he ignored the call from Honourable Shekwolo and came much later after several calls. 

Honourable Shekwolo asked him to leave his apartment but he began to use insultive words on the man who showed him love which is his Landlord-Honourable Shekwolo. It didnt stop there, he also physically assaulted Honourable Shekwolo slapping him. Wife of Mr Chibuisi, Mrs Blessing took her phone and started video covering the incident. Honourable Shekwolo asked the wife of Mr Chibuisi, Mrs Blessing to stop the video coverage but she declined. He tried to stop her without harassing her nor hitting her and she never stopped. It wasn’t too long Mr Chibuisi wrote an article, sent to his media friends because he is a journalist  accusing Honourable Shekwolo falsely that Shekwolo brought thugs to beat him and his wife. He also took selfie of himself and the wife at the hospital  too so that he can indict Honourable Shekwolo.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also reported the gentle man, Honourable Shekwolo to the police. The DPO who is a truthful and sincere man was furious with Mr Chibuisi for his inhuman act melted on Honourable Shekwolo. The DPO said he was going to take the case to Court but Mr Chibuisi who is faulty and knew justice was going to prevail. He pleaded, confessed and apologised to Honourable Shekwolo and  the DPO. Mr Chibuisi said he is sorry for falsely accusing Shekwolo and that nothing as such happened as he had written to his online media friends. He also promised to remove all the false allegations on media which he has not done till now. 
This report is based on phone conversation with Honourable Shekwolo and eye witness report. Below is a WhatsApp conversation & a video that shows Mr Chibuisi confessing and apologising….

Watch video of Mr Chibuisi apologising and confessing below… Hold on, video loads in few seconds…
you may Click on video now, hold on for few seconds as video plays

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