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The Jailed and sick Russian critic, Alexey Navalny has been moved from prison to a regional hospital for prisoners as concerns grow amongst the international community over his health.

Remember it has been reported that Navalny has been on hunger strike since March 31, demanding “proper medical care” and to be examined an independent doctor — something his team claims he has been unable to get in the penal colony in Pokrov.

Navalny’s supporters say that his medical condition is rapidly deteriorating. His press secretary said over the weekend that Navalny was “dying” and his doctors said medical tests showed he is at growing risk of renal failure and heart problems.

Activist Alexey Navalny transferred to hospital after US warned about consequences for Russia if he dies

Biden Administration thereafter, announced it will punish Russia if anything is allowed to happen to Navalny who was allegedly given nerve poison Russian agents in 2020, an act that almost claimed his life.

Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) said in a statement Monday that the opposition leader had been moved to the hospital, which specializes in “dynamic” observation of patients.

 The hospital is located on the “territory” of another penal colony, in the Vladimir region.

The statement said that Navalny was in “satisfactory” condition and is being examined a doctor every day. With Navalny’s consent, he has been prescribed “vitamin therapy,” the penitentiary service added.

Russia’s move also comes after nearly a dozen Russian politicians published an open letter to Russian President, Vladimir Putin, saying that he was personally responsible for the Navalny’s life.

Responding to the letter from politicians, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday April 19, that “frankly … the overwhelming majority of those who signed this letter have no information at all about whom and what this is all about.”

When asked how the Kremlin perceives warnings from US officials that Russia will face consequences if Navalny dies, Peskov said: “We in no way perceive such statements, which are voiced representatives of other states. The state of health of convicts on the territory of the Russian Federation cannot and should not be a topic of their interests.”

 Navalny’s allies have announced rallies across Russia on April 21 in support of him.

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