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– I am best networks gathered that the Labour Union chapter of NIPRD Idu Abuja  said enough is enough today as it held a protest today in the premises of NIPRD Idu Abuja. The protesting party were in the front of the gate singing solidarity songs.
They complained that the DG was careless about the happenings in NIPRD as it had no internal security, no gardeners, some arrears were not paid to staff nor people who could clean up the place. The DG who didn’t come on time but when he came, he said he was on top of the situation. The DPO of Idu police command who was there pleaded with the staff to discuss things diplomatically with the DG. Though it was a peaceful protest today but the NLC asked staff to go home. The DG was ones listed for compulsory retirement but it was rumoured that he contacted the president through his God father and the retirement was averted.

– Also A civil society group was  in Abuja city protesting against corruption but they pledged their support for Buhari’s anti corruption  program. They said Buhari was doing a great job and that this is the right time to fight corruption. They said the seven judges arrested should be investigated and tried properly. Some of them also said the speaker house of reps. Should be investigated too.

– Finally, The Nigerian police has sent more police men to Kaduna were there was crisis. This was done to promote peace and cause normality in the society

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