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The People’s Democratic Party Women’s Forum has commended the roles being played former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan towards resolving the differences in the party.
The women who made this known during a courtesy call to the ex-President in his Abuja Office on Monday, stressed that they were completely in support of the efforts of the former President.
In a press release Ikechukwu Eze, Media Adviser to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan , leader of the group Senator Biodun Olujimi, former Deputy Governor of Ekiti State and Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate told newsmen after the meeting that PDP women believe in the leadership roles of the former President, adding that Jonathan would be part of a major stakeholders meeting this Thursday which would bring together representatives from all the organs and interest groups in the party.

She said further:

“We intend that former President Jonathan takes the leadership role in our party. He is our leading light and he is the leader of the party.  As it is, he is the only former President who is still within the party and alive. 

“So we believe he is the only voice that can bring all warring groups together and will be able to resolve all the issues. That is exactly what he has decided to do. He even told us that there is a major stakeholders meeting on Thursday this week where efforts will be made to resolve most of the issues in the party.”

Other women in the delegation included Mulikat Akande, Senator Esther Nenadi, Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo, Hon. Becky Igwe and Chief Remi Adiukwu Bakare.
Speaking earlier Ambassador Toyo explained that the PDP women’s Forum has been in existence since October last year.

“We come from all sides of whatever divide or struggle you think exists. We don’t believe we have factions in our party, we just think we have leadership struggles. We are united as one body as women of the party. We remain a very formidable constituency. If you notice, most women are still very much around and none of them have left the party. 

“It is important to recognize the fact that we represent a strong constituency. We believe that the party is not about individuals. It is a corporate entity and we are coming together to strengthen the party once again. And we know that women all over the world have been peace builders. Women know how to hold together when things are going apart. 

“That is why we came together and we have met a number of times. The last time we met, one of our positions was that we come around and meet all the leaders of the party.  That’s why we are here today to meet with former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.”

Source; L.Ikeji

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