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Its no rumour that the South Gauteng High Court in South Africa has ruled that public schools promote more than one religion in the country.
This comes after six public schools were accused OGod organization of promoting Christianity over other faiths.
During the case hearing in Court today,  the organisation for Religious Education and Democracy argues that there’s religious bias in South African public schools.
While the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools and Solidarity, which represents the six schools the case was brought against, says that the Constitution allows public schools to identify with one religion and promote it.
They also argued that it’s permitted in terms of the constitutional, legal framework and existing case law.
Handing down the ruling, Judge Willem van Der Linde ruled that the adoption of a single religion at schools would disadvantage pupils.
According to him, schools cannot deny pupils the opportunity of practicing other religions.
The ruling means public schools have an obligation to review policies around religion, while parents and school governing bodies can now determine what religion or religions children are taught at schools.

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