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By Tanko Shekwa’aga
In my little sojourn in life, I
have come across several happenings over the years that have in one way or the
other changed my entire orientation about the life we live.
I have heard and seen
a lot about birthday’s opulent celebrations, heard and seen people who almost
forget their birth dates (I could hardly know the reason for that). My enigma
has always been on what actually is the compelling force behind such celebrating
moments that last for only 24hours. While others celebrate accomplishments,
quite a large number of people only celebrate the single digit added to the
number of years they have spent (or wasted) on earth. The subject of age has
always been taken with levity and recalcitrance therehaving lots of persons
hovering around the surface of the earth like wind tossed around.
On one of my birthdays, I got a
text message which has been my best till date and will always be a catalyst
anytime I sit to introspect. The message reads thus:
should remind you that you still have a lot to do but with a limited time.”
The message may just be a single
sentence with only seventeen words but each time I ponder on those words, I
could clearly recall how many years I have successfully wasted chasing shadows
and made futile.  I could also see what
I’ve been able to achieve, yet there has been more to do with only a limited
More also, I have seen people who
use age as a yardstick in their struggle for respect. Some fellow become frustrated
about how much time they have wasted in time past and this aggression is
transferred using the weapon called age. Only a few are able to know of what
essence is age. It is heartbreaking that many people we see are but just Dead
men walking
The younger generations are now
threats because they are responsible for discovering some great deals about
life while the older ones wallow in regret and pain of wasted moments. You
hardly meet an old man who never bites the finger of regret each time age is
mentioned. There is a mystery attached to age and this mystery can be
summarized into the following;
Ø  Age
is not merely a number.
Ø  Age
is not a parameter to measure respect.
Ø  Age
is not ordinarily a sign of maturity. Maturity is the product of some
cumulative factors.
we move further, I will like you to pause for a while and think about this as I
strongly believe and hope it will trigger a mind-shift on the subject of age; HOW
is the reason for existence and age is reason for purpose. In essence, it will
be an absolute waste to have something created without any present or future
use. Every human is created for a specific and defined reason. It is your sole
responsibility to discover and align to yours.
is but a seasoning in life. Age in its simplest form is duration of one’s
existence, an actual period for one coming to being. As popularly acclaimed
that age is a number, my intricate has always been what then is age? Of what
importance could it be?
is a mystery that only people who go extra miles to excavate the fullness of life
can discover. People who act, think, and see life’s occurrences as normal will
never understand what is behind it. Age is God’s own way of pilling-up man’s
whole events on earth. It is a package in phases that unfolds the needful at
each step.
is imperative to note that if age is merely a number, then man should be seen
as a numerical figure. Your age is a package, each time you get older, there
are always new things embedded in it. The reason for age could be likened to be
a transition that should usher us into a bigger understanding and wider range
of ourselves. Time is an instrument that tells of man to be a product with an
inscription of both manufactured date (our starting point i.e. birth) and
expiry date (i.e. death).
my New Year has always begun on my birth date. The generic New Year has merely
been a change in calendar for me. Your year begins the day you become a year
older. It’s a cycle that until you get to the point it started, new tasks may
hardly stream in. I wish to emphatically pause and ask; HOW EFFICCIENT AND
AGE YOU’VE LIVED ON EARTH? You are a purposed being with a range!

are so much people on the surface of the earth who are not actually as old as
Methuselah was, yet looking through the pages of their profile one could only
liken such people to have come from the lineage of Methuselah. The only thing
they can present and celebrate in life is their age (number). There’s nothing
worthwhile that is obvious or worth keeping as their history. They vanish from
the earth as passive beings. They never unleash the fullness of their selves.
They merely end up in anguish of who they were unable to become most especially
when they see another fellow moving the dimension they would have been.
times, I could hear people duress others to respect them with statements like
“DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD AM I? AM I YOUR MATE?” OUCH! That’s hurting! The only
thing I get from that statement is, “I don’t have anything to compel you to
respect me, and so, since I saw the sun before you did, you ought to respect
Age is not a tool to command genuine respect, fruitfulness is. I
have seen and met older people working and bowing to younger ones, it’s no
longer the age issue, it’s just that there are levels that the number of your
age cannot compete with. Let us quit blaming time and opportunity for our
inability to be responsible. Most stranded people today were once in their life
idle and lazy fellows. People who often put age factor at the fore to get
respected are carriers of Methuselah’s syndrome. If you desire respect and honor,
you don’t grow older, you grow fruitful. If at any point, you begin to see
other’s state and the only thing you can use as a weapon is age, you have left
the active lane and have become a passive fellow. Make your age count!

have risen so many persons today as the reason for them not been able to
accomplish certain things in life. The good news is “Vision will give you your youth
back” Myles Munroe.
In essence, vision have the ability to offer to you
strength for some accomplishments. Age shouldn’t be a factor for not living in
dominion. Yes, certain things may become impossible at some stage but not all
things are permanently glued. We have seen and heard of children who are
precocious at a tender age, however, no child/human is gifted than the other, it
is purpose that puts us on different lane in life. Hence, it will be obscure to
push a person to another’s lane.
grow better if we are planted on the right soil. Purposeless living will
frustrate you and the life of others. Live purposefully and life’s treasures
will always give you a meaning. You wouldn’t have to say the numbers of years
you’ve spent to get respected. Fruitfulness has a natural recipe of commanding
honor and respect. Are you old yet not respected? Do you have to remind your
spouse of your age each time he or she disrespects you? Are your younger ones
becoming threats to you about their accomplishments? Or more? The mystery of
age is living purposefully and bearing fruits. If we all can be fruitful and
align with purpose, no one will attack another with merely numbers of age.
Remember, “A tree that is not higher than you can never give you shade.” Thus,
the level of respect you must command lies in how grown you are to shade
others. You can’t shade someone you’re not taller than.
I come to a close, I need to remind you that you are amazingly created. The
number of your years shouldn’t give you value, what happens within this age
interval should.
you ever wondered about the ageless nature of God? We celebrate his acts not
his age. He is ageless! If God had placed importance on the number of years, he
would have began his existence with numbers not creation. Man is approximately
a god. You are a creator even before you become older in age. Your first
creature was the beautiful smile that flooded your parents and relation when
you were born.
are bigger than your age. Live in dominion, live with purpose and never settle
for less. Age is a mystery, unfold yours.
“Teach us to number our
days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Tanko Shekwa’aga resides in Minna of Niger state. He is a passionate person in creating an atmosphere where this generation can be at their best for God. He is the Convener of MY DREAM MY LIFE(MDML) a gathering held twice a year and centered on purposeful living.
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