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The fashion company ‘Wear Emerald‘ is a fashion line that specialises in sewing tops, gowns and souvenir bags.

It runs a monthly display of collection at affordable price with classy, unique and stylish designs. 

 It will interest you to know that its a long time clothing line that has made waves and still at its zenith.
Below are photos of ‘Wear Emerald’ for your viewing pleasure.

Connect with ‘Wear Emerald’

Facebook _ Eunice Joshua
Whatsapp_ 07035535776
Instagram _emerald Joshua
Email- [email protected]

4 thoughts on “Kaduna fashion show, an event not to miss…Are you a model, clothier, a fashion designer or you just love things of fashion and modelling, maybe you are an investor and you wanna invest in this sector this is for you.”

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