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When I read about those who have made impact and carved a niche for themselves in their careers, the most notable thing I hear them say is, knowing what you want and paying the price to have them, working for what you so desire and also studying amongst many others are vital keys. When I think deeper, I feel it gets so scary and difficult to be attained. But the truth is nothing comes easy whether good or bad, right or wrong. Prices are being paid in order to birth anything into reality. You can not just sit and wish or become a witch over other people’s successes, the question is are you ready to journey through your path for your own success? Wishes and dreams just stops at dream and wish if you don’t work towards realising them. It sometimes may be the hardest pills to take but you just have to take them and no one can take them from you, you have to take them yourself.

Just before you become hard on yourself for the unfulfilled dreams and goals this year, ask yourself how much effort have you put into this? How much price have you paid? How many risk have you taken? How much is your passion about this? If you’re not sure about your answers and can’t confidently answer those questions then it is a call for you to do more, critically analyse and see what you can do differently. Most successful people today got to a point where risk taking became a lifestyle for them.

As I conclude, here’s the good news, it is not too late to start. As you prepare for 2022, set your mind on how to get things done the right way. Choose the path you want to take and judiciously pay the price that comes with it. Make the sacrifices required. Chase it like no man’s business. Yes! Let people see how madly you are concerning your dreams, they would not understand and they really don’t have to understand.

Know this again, any path you take has its own price to be paid whether good or bad, right or wrong but I would advise you take the right path so that your sacrifices can be worthwhile.

Merry Christmas in advance.

Abigail Moses

IAMBEST Networks

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