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A friend  and a brother Joseph Omonigho Moses who is the CEO of the Insightful magazine sent this to me and it’s a blessing to me. Seriously, I couldn’t keep it for myself and i want you to be blessed too.

“Most of the time when we act without our senses in display, we tend to lose our inheritance, we tend to miss out of Gods plan. We make mistakes, errors, that we may have to live with the stigma for life.  When we make request without our senses fully active, there’s every possibility that we would waste opportunities. Even the bible encourages us to apply common or good sense. And the prodigal son came back to his senses, I.e he was the one who left his senses, the one who acted without his senses, he was the one who senselessly asked for his inheritance. Because his senses never left him, he was the one who did.
To be candid, there could be no limit to the damage we can cause, when we fail to act with good sense.
Could it be that the reason why our lives is such  a mess, is because, we’ve gone far from our senses? Be careful to give your advice, when you can’t find complete sense in what someone, or a friend is doing, or wants to do.”

Joseph Omonigho Moses
Insightful magazine

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