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Traditional leadership is a serious form of leadership that is not taken for granted especially in Nigeria.
Traditional leadership is a form of leadership respected because it has to do with the natives, indigeneship , culture, norms and values of a particular people. In the whole wide world, there is no way a foreigner can be a traditional leader or ruler in another man’s land. But its unfortunate that Muhammad Musa Bello, the FCT minister in Abuja Nigeria is  showing no respect to the Gbagyi Kingdom in Nigeria particularly Bwari , Abuja. A non Bwari indigene from Tafa local government who contested for Niger state House of Assembly known as Alh.

Awwal Musa Ijakoro is assuming 2nd class king in Bwari Abuja and I see that as greed, wickedness and disrespect of the Gbagyi people as a whole. This man is from Ijakoro of Niger state and has no ancestral, traditional, political right to be crowned king in Bwari Abuja not even as a “10th class king” not to talk of been crowned 2nd class king. It’s very unfortunate and it is barbaric that it is the FCT minister fueling this injustice and crude act. The Gbagyi nations are the original inhabitants of Abuja and we worth every right, privilege and attention as far as this issue is concerned. The rightful king for this throne is Esu of Bwari HRH Ibrahim Yaro Bwari.

Well, it seems there is a hidden agenda to why the FCT minister is pushing for this evil act. I think the FCT minister has an interest and political undertone in this matter and that is why he is imposing a foreign king and  if not, why would he encourage this injustice? In as much as I love and encouraged peace, May I say that I see trouble and violence in the whole of FCT if this act is not reversed.
Even as the Gbagyi nations are peace loving people, let me put it clear that the other side of the Gbagyi nation will soon be seen. I will keep speaking about this unruly act until something reasonable is done even though Sometimes ago I wrote something on my Facebook wall and I was threatened the people of Ijakoro yet, may I say that we the Gbagyi people are not relenting and we must fight this to the last.
I want the international community, President Buhari, National House of Assembly and all lovers of peace to tell the foreigner called Awwal Musa Ijakoro to leave Bwari and return to Ijakoro Tafa Local Government of Niger state maybe there, his people will crown him 1st class king.
-Written Shedy Elisha

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