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Here is the statement below…
”The Ministry has taken notice of some sensationalist headlines put out on various social media platforms over the last 24 hours. These headlines maliciously  attribute inaccurate  statements that condone, may encourage Domestic Violence, to the Lagos State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Allevaition.

Honourable Akande is reputed as a staunch advocate for women’s rights and unreservedly condemns and distances herself from any person or organisation that would hold an opposing viewpoint.

It is however germane to share some information that gives insight to the alleged statement.

First, the statement was an unauthorised statement issued  a staff of the Ministry without any foreknowledge of the Commissioner.

Secondly, the theme of the conference where the alleged inciting statement was made was ‘Effective Communication in Marriage’.  A call to both spouses to communicate with more civility and mutual respect, apt at such a conference, should not be distorted to appear as the endorsement of domestic violence. Such actions are simultaneously egregious and mischievous.

The Ministry uses this opportunity to restate its unflinching commitment to the quest for women’s rights. We also reaffirm our position on Violence Against Women. We condemn it unreservedly and will continue to bring the full weight of the law to bear upon those who are found guilty of perpetrating Domestic Violence.

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