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CHANGE is one of the most powerful forces
on earth, that is why there is nothing as
powerful as a Change of mind.
in life will change because nothing is as permanent in life as Change, Change is constant and it
never Changes,

Change will happen to everything in life including you, that’s why Eccl 3;1
tells us about the promise of Change and when you
understand that everything in life is for a season it will help you to
understand that everything you are passing through now like : lack of jobs,
brokenness, life challenges, sickness, rejection etc,,,,, is just for a season
and for a reason.

you are going through may not be good to you but it is good for you because
life is just like a camera, when it gets blurry you don’t have to Change the lens but you adjust and focus, so believe in Changes and when the Change comes then you adjust
because Change makes life more interesting.

Bless……. Written Stephen Samson


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