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Everyday I watch and hear how many people give excuses about their partners and why their marriages won’t stand. I ponder on their excuses to see if they are all flimsy or not, then I wonder what exactly will the younger generation do.

Spouse spit and point accusing fingers at each other, regretting the day they ever met, wishing they had listened to their parents or get married to the other person, calling each other names, cursing each other’s families, tarnishing each other’s names in public and saying all the negatives.

I was meant to understand that marriage is the most beautiful thing and later another phrase was added marriage is the most beautiful thing “when you marry the right person”.
Imagine how time flies and more phrases are been added to the former.
I hope someday we don’t get to hear stuffs like, “marriage is the most beautiful thing when you marry the right person with sense”.

Is there any right person?

I don’t know if there is or not. But all I know is, you make someone the right person for you. You have been dating for long and in all those times you have reasons to know if that person will make a good companion or not.

“I want a man who can support my vision and I support his,
I want a man who can contribute to our growth, A man we can work together as a team to achieve a set goal,
A man who can respect me for me and I also respect him,
A man I can call my best friend when i need someone to encourage me, my soul mate when I need to share my deepest pains, my father when i need someone to advice me, my brother when I need someone to back me up, my playmate when I need someone to joke with, my teacher when I need someone to guide me.

And all of these above can be achieved if we don’t consider only the now but we look into the future, only then can we make each other the “RIGHT ONE “.

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