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supernatural supply of God
11:31 “And there went forth a wind from the LORD, and brought quails from
the sea, and let them fall the camp.”

I like to say this morning that in the midst of scarcity, the powerfulness of
God is revealed. Manna was supernaturally available to the Israelites in the
wilderness the wind of God.

It takes the finger of God to address any issues of scarcity and lack.

Anywhere God shows up the challenge of scarcity is handled. Any proof in the
scripture? Yes

1. At the wedding in Cannan Jesus was present and the issue of scarcity was
handled when He was told the wine was finished.
2. In 1 Kings 17:6 God Himself commanded the Ravens to feed Elijah in the midst
of famine and scarcity. “And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the
morning and evening”
3. In 1 kings 17:14 God through His servant assured the widow that “the
barrel of meal shall not waste and cruse shall not fail.” wow… What a
God we serve?

Hear this: if you can have God around you, every issue
of scarcity is not permitted to exist around you.

God sent me to announce to you this morning, that He is about to release the
wind of supernatural supplies you direction.

I pray for you today may God release the rain/wind of supply your way. Every issue
of scarcity traceable in your life and family today my God shall handle it in
Jesus name. I prophesy to you, in this season your cruse shall not fail and
your supplies shall not dry in Jesus name. You are blessed.

Auza Moses

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