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I am call TNB born Theophilus Noah Baba, a native of Abuja, the privileged CEO of Ark Edutainment, Convener Of Switch On, Tuning Session and Fetch. 
It Gladdens my heart to hear some one is plus one, it takes God’s Mercies and protection for that to happen, as such I often use this medium to celebrate people within my reach… When you are thank full you become God full, an addiction thanks giver is an addicted God lover.
I did this song on 28th January during Professor O.B Oloche’s birthday, concluded it today..
Tomorrow 31st January is my birthday but am dropping the song today because someone so…!!! dear to my heart is plus one today (BlesynChedami) and some of my wonderful friends too… I just want to say to u all happy birthday and Congratulation….. TNB cares….
Facebook: Ark Edutainment or  Theophilus Noah Baba
Twitter:       @arkedutanment or @tnb_baba

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