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We have gathered that the  Donald Trump an aspiring US President seemed to suggest that he’ll
carry out legal action against NBC for leaking a 2005 video of him
making lewd comments about women to Washington Post.

Trump was asked Fox Tv’s Bill O’Reilly if there’s any
chance he could take legal action against NBC for the leak of the
“Access Hollywood” tape, to which Trump answered: “You’ll see, you’ll see, you’ll see after the election,” Trump said.

O’Reilly then asked him “Do you think you would be ahead if not for the ‘Access Hollywood’ stuff?”
Trump claimed that the tape represented an “illegal act” NBC.
“I just don’t know. I think it was very negative, it was locker room talk,” Trump said. “The
microphone was not supposed to be on, not that I make that as an excuse
for myself, but certainly it was an illegal act from NBC.”
Trump said it was “absolutely” illegal because “that was a private dressing room.”
Source: Fox Tv and L.Ikeji

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