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 Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, has warned that the UK could be forced to limit the intelligence it shares with the US on suspected terror plots if President Trump brings back torture. This was made clear only hours after Trump declared that water boarding and other harsh interrogation techniques may be reintroduced.

Theresa May said that she absolutely condemns the use of torture. The UK’s rules state that officials will not share intelligence with countries if it involves a serious risk of a detainee being tortured, or that is how the information was obtained. The split threatens to create major tensions in the relationship between British spies and their US counterparts.

Speaking to reporters on a flight to the US to meet the President, she said Britain would be sticking to its stance on torture and was prepared to deliver this message direct to the Trump administration.

‘The UK Government’s position on torture has not changed. We condemn torture and my view on that will not change whether I am talking to you or talking to the President. Our guidance is very clear about the position that the UK takes and our position has not changed. We have a very clear view in the U.K. That we absolutely condemn the use of torture and that has not changed and will not change.’

She has landed in Philadelphia ahead of becoming the first foreign leader to hold face-to-face talks withTrump

Source: L. Ikeji

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