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Shedy Elisha, the CEO of IAMBESTNETWORKS LTD released a statement this morning that he himself and our team IAMBESTNETWORKS are only willing and ready to support contestants who desire to contest for International pageant. He further stated that even if IAMBESTNETWORKS would partner with any beauty pageant company or organizers, they would have to ascertain that such pageant has international standard. Read the statement below:

A Quick Notice to Beauty Pageant Contestants and Organizers
Following the continual quest individuals(pageant contestants) who want I and my team (IAMBESTNETWORKS LTD) to groom, support and manage them(contestants) for local beauty pageantry, would want to state that we are off from local beauty pageantry. We are only looking ahead and ready to work with those who would want to partake in international beauty pageantry or even National pageants with international standards.
I and my team will give and show support to individuals who have interest in international beauty pageantry like “Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, miss Earth” and similar pageants. I and my team will be ready to show support to such a contestant willing to reach that height.
So if you want me and my team to manage you, guide and support your candidature for beauty pageantry as a contestant, I advice you go for international pageants or similar pageants. Any other pageant aside from such kinds or beauty pageantry with less standards its a NO.

Note to Pageant Organizers both local, National and International…
To the organizers of beauty pageantry who have genuine cause and have the interest of the people at heart and drive for sustainable goals especially MDG goals, we are open for partnership and support towards your beauty pageant only if the appropriate quarters are followed with contractual equilibrium with us.
For us we just want to help push up your dreams and passion.
I am Shedy Elisha

IAMBEST Networks

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