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Ajibola Basiru, the Nigerian senate spokesman in an interview with Punch disclosed that it will be persuading President Buhari to sack the service chiefs over their inadequacy in the North East.

He said; 

“We, however, still want to persuade the President to consider our resolution. The Presidency has said it is aware of our resolution and has pledged to look into it. 

“The presidency said it is not legally bound to carry out [our] resolution because it is the prerogative of the President to remove service chiefs.

“Our resolutions are just persuasive authority coming from elective representatives of Nigerians in the national assembly.

“It is not a law. It is advisory and persuasive. The response of the presidency is the correct position of law and I agree.

“Due to the principle of separation of power, we cannot compel the president to sack the service chiefs.

“We only responded to the feelings of Nigerians asking the president to reorganise them [service chiefs] but he is not legally bound to do so.”

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