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Its another weekend, the first weekend in 2019 and on ‘WEEKEND COUTURE‘, we are bringing your way, your favourite, most trending and most outstanding native attire G- Aje(Gbagyi attire). 

G-Aje Fashion  majors in sales of Standard Gbagyi native material.
An idea created to enhance cultural awareness and creativity with the use of the Gbagyi trade mark been established the popular Gbagyi material known as Ajesnida ( meaning dyed cloths).
The popular Ajesnida material has made it hard for users to establish more creativity due to its major attributes like; 1. Heavy weight. 2. Washing dye.
G-Aje has not come to make the Ajesnida look inferior but to work towards maintaining culture in the best way it can and also create room for more creativity with the material among designers who wish to use this native material for great mind blowing ideas. This idea has come to globalize the gbagyi natives and make other ideas come to pass.

G-Aje is better and stronger. Just to place a quick reminder in your mind that, G-Aje clothing is suitable for all fashion designs. It doesn’t fade out nor those it colour washes away. G-Aje is out with the blue colour design material and its awesome. 

How can you purchase G-Aje Fashion Materials?
You can get your G-Aje fashion products from Deborah Amubwo Samuel, major distributor in Minna of Niger State and Abuja the Federal Capital Territory and its environs.
Call or WhatsApp Deborah Amubwo Samuel on 08088767013 for minna and Abuja locations.

Or you call the CEO G-Aje- Ibrahim Sani Ibrahim on 07033054209.
Start placing your Orders.

WEEKEND COUTURE is a fashion, style, photography, make-up and modeling weekend segment on I AM BEST MAGAZINE(online) exclusive on Iambestnetworks that showcases all forms and kinds of fashion and styles, make-up, modelling and photography that are trending put together different designers, models, make-up artists and photographers.
This is showcased every Friday and every fashion designer, photograoher and model can be part of this.
So if you are a fashion designer,  a model, make-up artist or a photographer  and you wanna showcase what you do; also for advert placement contact Iambestnetworks via: 
Call or WhatsApp: 08130286036 or 07057467203. 

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