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The truth is, art is the essence of life, and it assists in the innovation and articulation of self. Every single piece of clothing we put on with a certain measure of imagination makes for an outstanding fashion explanation.

To some people, fashion is nothing more than walking around in lovely, fancy, potentially pricey clothes. But that’s just on the surface. If you think about it thoroughly, you’ll realize it’s so much more.

It’s someone’s way of communicating something much more important and bigger. Just think about the roaring 20s fashion and the way this decade influenced both men and women. Back in the day, precisely through fashion, these people didn’t only want to be in style and glamorous, but they also wanted (especially women) to celebrate the freedom they’ve gained in that period of time.

Before the 1920s, a vast majority of women were constantly at home and weren’t particularly involved in society, but then suddenly things changed for the better, and through wonderful clothes, they wanted to express their satisfaction and happiness.

And that’s precisely what fashion enabled them back then and is, fortunately, still doing it. The clothes you wear are more than just the material you chose, but also an effective way to show how you feel, your attitude towards some things, etc.

Just bear in mind, that normally, the first couple of seconds are quite crucial, each time you meet someone new.

So the outfit you wear, the jewelry you pick, along with accessories, all these things can make a huge impact on another person. Therefore, if you want to leave someone breathless, then choose these items wisely and make sure to follow fashion as much as you can.

Literally, any person on this planet can “do” fashion bymixing and matching and wearing unusual pieces of clothing, or jewelry. All these things can encourage our creativity and inventiveness. Moreover, fashion helps in providing you with experiences to analyze your innovative self.

Everybody is aware of the fact that fashion plays a major role in the entertainment industry. In fact, a lot of things that occur there revolve around it. A majority of films and TV shows revolve around it and simply drive the world of entertainment, which is why it’s easy to conclude that this industry is hugely influenced byit.
Whether we want to admit it or not, the truth is, fashion plays a huge role in most people’s lives. That’s precisely why we shouldn’t be judgmental of it, but instead, embrace it, and be in style as much as we can.

The whole point of fashion is to dress in something that makes you feel great and comfortable as well.

Article Credit: Harlem world magazine

Judith Istifanus the new face of IAMBESTNETWORKS had an amazing fashion collaboration with a fashion house base in Minna – BWA EMPIRE and AMEBO Media in Abuja. This collaboration was done to showcase the beautiful fashion dress, a Ball Gown made byBWA EMPIRE.

Photographer?: of Amebo Media
Model: Judith Manai Istifanus @judiee_isthy – @faceofiambestnetworks
Dress ?: BWA Empire – @bwa_empire
MUA?: @kendras_glam

BWA EMPIRE is a Complete Fashion House into , Bespoke Tailoring, Bridals and Ready to wear.

You can wear your BWA EMPIRE’s Ball Gown to the following events and many more if you like…

  • Wear It for a Wedding
  • Wear It for a Pageant.
  • Wear it on New Year’s Eve.
  • Wear it for a Girl’s Night Out.
  • Wear It for College Dances and Mixers, Wear it for a charity event and every other formal or social event

Connect with BWA EMPIRE: ?+2349091120329. They are located at Shop No 22, Sani Basket Mall, Shiroro road.

Weekend Couture is a weekly( Fridays) publication on IAMBEST Magazine exclusively on . It is basically on showcasing fashion and style, modelling, photography and makeup styles. 

Below is how you can be part of our WEEKEND COUTURE:

For fashion Designers: 1: Take a beautiful photograph  of your recent design or style you feel the world should know about. Take the front view, side view and the back view. 2: Write about the style which includes: what inspired you to bring up such design, what the design represents, what material or fabric it is made up of and the event it can be used for. 3: Include your full name, social media handles, the name of your fashion company, name of the design or style and your contact address.

For Models: If you are a model, model yourself and Take  professional photoshoot with any Nigerian cultural attire, Bikini, dinner gown and casual wears of your choice. Submit the photos with your personal contact details, brief biography of just two paragraphs and social media handles attached. If you have modelled for any company or any individual before, you indicate.

For photographers: Submit 3 photos of your shoot/work with your full contact details, include one of your personal photo, a brief biography of not more than two paragraphs including social media handles.

For MakeUp artist: Submit photos of different make up styles with your contact details, a brief biography of not more than two paragraphs and social media handles.

Makeup artist, fashion designers, models and photographers should Submit their works via this email: [email protected] or WhatsApp: 07082151580 or 08130286036 For enquiries call: 07082151580, 08130286036 or 07057457203

Submission is ongoing.

All your designs will be showcased every Friday on our fashion and style segment- “WEEKEND COUTURE”.

We just want to show the world your beautiful skills…

IAMBEST Networks

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