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It is mostly men who are victims of Sars but I see women in the forefront of the #endSARSbrutality #protest. They didn’t condemn the men during the protest, they didn’t lay blames on the men because they dress indecently, have dreadlocks on, using flashy cars, phones, looking fresh and flexing life rather they protested for SARS to end. Although, we know that this might give room to more youthful crimes but tomorrow when women wake up to protest against rape they will be apportioned blames for being raped. They are been accused of showing off thier body parts, moving around at night and so many other excuses forgetting that no amount of excuse can justify the crime. It’s our responsibility to help each other to fight against the evil happening in this country when the time arises without trying to cover up for these evil doers who uses our weakness as an excuse for being wicked towards us. Let’s always strive to watch each others back forgetting our gender differences.
Let’s rise up in one voice and put an end to all the evil happenings in this country.
There are so many other brutality we ought to protest against aside SARS and surely God will help us. – Agnes Tanko

#EndSARS #EndPolicebrutality #EndRape #EndBadGovernance

God bless the youth
God bless Nigeria

Agnes Tanko
Facebook:Yemi foriegn
Phone number: 08071354404

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