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The Black Plum (Vitex
The Black plum (Hausa: Denya, Gbagyi: Ojii) is an indigenous
plant of Nigeria commonly distributed in the wild across the Highlands and
lowlands of the vegetation zones. Vitex, occur as shrub or tree with heights
2.5-25 meters. Leaves are digitate compound with 5 leaflets.  Flowers corollar appears pinky-white to
purple. This plant is important to the wild life and as
well as the people. The plums, unripe fruit appears green and turn black when
ripe. The ripe fruits are consumed wildlife and human. 
The leaves as seen in many socio-ethnic group of Nigeria
especially the northern part is consumed as Vitex salad (Kodon dinya). Kodon
dinya is a special delicacy prepared per-boiling the young fresh leaves.
This is done so as to remove the high molecular compounds that may be toxic to
the body system.  In addition to the boiled
leaves; spices, seasonings and grinded groundnut cake (Kulikuli) is served as
food. Because of poor seed recruitment and long time to regenerate, the plant
population is currently threatened as the wood is logged indiscriminately for
fuel wood and other medicinal uses. Efforts to domesticate more of this plant
should be a center focus and enhanced experts to avoid local extinction.

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