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THE Fulani in Nigeria have said they will not accept cattle ranching because the country’s geographical location was not suitable for it.

Besides, the Fulani said the species of cows they had, as subsistence livestock farmers, were not good for ranching in the country, saying they could only be confined to ranching if their livestock were replaced with breeds suitable for it.

This was even as they said the anti-open grazing laws being established state governments would die a natural death like ‘political sharia law’ in Zamfara. According to them, the laws are being used as campaigns some people to win votes in 2019 elections.

Addressing newsmen, yesterday, in Abuja, through their socio-cultural association under the aegis of Miyetti-Allah Kautal Hore, the Fulani insisted that events in history showed that ranching was not practicable in Nigeria and to this end, urged the Federal Government to immediately stop state governments from enacting anti-open grazing laws. National Secretary of Miyetti-Allah Kautal Hore, Saleh Alhassan, who read the association’s prepared speech to newsmen at the event, called on the Federal Government to stop state governments, especially Benue and Taraba states, from going ahead with implementing the laws.

Culled from Vanguard

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