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Child sexual abuse is the forceful involvement of a child in sexual activities. Child sexual abuse must not involve physical contacts only, there are other forms which include

A child doesn’t have to be touched before abuse just watching Pornography with a child is a form of abuse. It creates an image of sex in the child’s mind.

Dirty Talking:
Talking sex with a child is a form of abuse. A child should not  be put under such. Pornography and Dirty talking are the initial stages, they always come before physical contact and they are the manipulative. The rapist tries to portray sex as OK and right to the victim.

Facts About Child Abuse
1. Every 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys is always sexually abused before 18 years.

2.Children are most likely to experience sexual abuse in a home which could be their own home or someone else’s home,at school or a lonely road.

3. The abused build their trust and accept the sexual abuse without disclosing.

4.Children rarely report sexual abuse.

5.It is never the fault of a child who is sexually abused. It is always the abusers fault.

What To Do When A Child Reports Sexual Abuse..
1.Listen and believe the child
2.Do not blame the child
3.Report the abuse to the police or appropriate authorities who can take action. the child ,seek medical and legal aid where appropriate.
5.Seek counselling services for the child and continue to provide support and encouragement
6.Call SOAR(Sexual Offences Awareness And Victims Rehabilitation Initiative), hotline: 08088600990.

Effects Of Child Sexual Abuse
Children who are victims of child sexual abuse begin to withdraw gradually. They would prefer to be alone than be in a crowd. they feel ashamed and blame themselves for the situation

2.Lack of Trust:
Often times culprits are close to victims this leads to betrayal and lack of Trust.

Victims become unhappy and depressed

4.Hurts: Abuse causes the victim to feel hurt and this leads to depression.

5.Fear: Most times victims are threatened culprits not to reveal their identity,They are told that they or their closer relatives could be killed.

6.Poor academic Performance : As a result of their experience victims begin to loose concentration and drop in grades.

For Parents /Guardians.
Notice every little change in your child or children? They might not come out straight to own up to being raped but their body language and random statements says a lot. There is a need to be very observant. Don’t trust anyone too much to betray your child’s trust for you.
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Written Faith Hauwa Adama

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