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Heartbreak is  a scary word on its own, its an experience no one deliberately wants to go through and many run away from admitting they are going through it; maybe that’s why many people never heal.
They carry the burden because they fail to admit it and start their healing process. Heartbreak is a term used to describe a hurt derived from betrayal in  a relationship with a lover or even a friend.
Its becoming worrisome these days with so many stories circulating about how people react to heartbreaks, most people try to take their life  taking poison, stabbing themselves ,destroying their properties, causing injury and hurting themselves. My  questions are: Is anyone really worth it?
Can you love someone more than yourself?

I will leave all of those questions unanswered and leave you to ponder on them. No doubt, Heartbreaks are devastating and they come from people you least expect, the people you trust the most. The most common is a cheating spouse.
 Here’s what to do when experiencing a heart break.
1. Keep calm: Really, its the hardest thing to do because the only thing you want to do is react. But its best to calm down first and think, so your actions does not leave forever consequences.

2. Forgive: Forgiveness doesn’t mean getting back all the time all though it could, the choice is solely yours. Forgiveness gives you peace and takes away the burden, it helps you let go of the burden, see the person as human that is bound to make errors.

3.Pray: Pray to God, He will help you take away the pain and heal your heart faster.

4.See the better view of the situation; what if God had better plans or something in stock for you much better and took out the error for you before it went too far.

5.Surround yourself with Happy people: A joyful environment takes your mind away from the hurt and  you heal.

6.Love again:Most people after a heart break decide not to love again ,but they fail to understand that true love and loving the right person helps heal. Life is a risk we must take!

Suicide is not an option!!!,Do not end your life for someone who would enjoy theirs even in your absence!
Stay Alive ! Stay Happy!!
Live life, itts not the end of the world, there is  light at the end of the tunnel!!
Written Faith Adama

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