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Few days ago, I had a chat with a friend of mine on Depression, it’s causes and if depression could be managed or prevented? And here are my contributions.

 Okay to start with, let’s know what depression means, depression is a feeling of severe of dejection. The truth is depression exist and depression has sent many to grave, reasons best known to the deceased but one of the reason could be they couldn’t voice it out or lacked trusted individuals to voice it to them.
Depression doesn’t just come, incidents, situations or individual triggers depression but most often, it is trigger abuse, that’s denial of someone’s due freedom/rights another. And when being depressed, addiction is one thing that comes to mind as a means of curing depression, trust me that’s the worst thing such individual would ever do to himself because Depression and Addiction are like two sides of a coin, they are interwoven. Never see addiction as a solution for depression.

I earlier said, Depression most times comes from abuse , this abuse is usually physical which in turns moves fast to the brain making it psychological. When someone keeps getting abused, it deal with the brain of that person and it becomes a problem when such person can’t voice it out . And when him/her can’t help his/herself, addiction is the next that comes to mind and when addiction fails, the voice of committing suicide becomes loud
Another depression which could be mild is the one that comes as a result of fears, fears of the unknown. It might not necessarily be someone abusing but you discover that your fears has overshadowed your little confidence. You already labeled yourself failure when you have not even started, that’s deadly you know. Depression is real, sometimes when I think back on my past and how unwise I have been, it really gets me depressed. Trust me it is not a nice feeling at all, don’t give room to it.

So my advice to people most especially those depressed is, always learn to voice it out. Don’t because of the  prestige you want to protect die in silence. When you die, people will mourn you and forget about you after 6months or a year and life goes on. So what’s the prestige all about when psychologically you are not alright? The person abusing you is highly placed, so what?. If trust is your issue, look for someone who you can confide in. And please let’s make ourselves accessible, accommodating, hospitable and trustworthy. People commit suicide because those around don’t have those attributes mentioned above even when they want to voice out.

Very importantly, learn to get out/of your past, your past is not you, neither are you your past. Many fail to understand this fact. It is your past, leave it in your past, it doesn’t determine You.
 Above all, tell it to God, he is the most trusted confidant/friend. Talk to him like the way you talk to your bestie. Read books, if it requires going for counselling please do. Don’t have bipolar disorder because of silly things . Depression kills, do not give room for it. I hope this help someone.
– Abigail Moses Angulu

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