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As Life is in phases so growth is in stages for instance Gabriel is born, he starts to sit, he crawls, he learns to stand and then he starts to walk.
Same thing is applied to life in general. There are lots of stages one must pass through before reaching a peak. Nowadays people want to skip some stages in life growth and just want to be Made fast. Alot despise the days of little begginings and the Bible says in Zechariah 4:10 “Do not despise the days of small beginnings”

The truth still remains that God gives us small to test how we will manage big. The good thing about little beginnings is that it teaches you how it feels not to have, so you can value when you have. It takes a lot of wisdom to embrace beautiful beginnings. It doesn’t matter how hard or narrow your beginning is, celebrate it because the future is way brighter and better!

The richest man in the world was not born rich, he grew into riches, he embraced man’s nature of been born with nothing. So, do not be in a hurry to shine, its better at the right time. Be patient and enjoy your beautiful beginning. See your little beginning as a growing path, a learning process and a building plan. Be joyful, Celebrate it, be patient and wait for big things.

 I once watched a documentary on t.v about a young Nigerian youth who once had an idea to start up  a business, guess with what? kuli kuli(hausa snack) yea! funny right? This young graduate had an idea of packing this snack into nylons like biscuit and exporting them out of the country. He is now a multi millionaire.

The most awkward things actually generate income. Stop following trends because every female is becoming a make up artist, doesn’t mean you have to become one. Be creative, discover yourself, stand out and do exploit. Its the era of exploit so
stop being a copy cat, be more of a leader than a follower. Its important you know that you are a star; shine, you are a lamp and you shouldn’t be hidden. Blame yourself if you leave the earth without any impact…The world is awaiting you, EMBRACE YOUR LITTLE BEGINNING!
written Faith Hauwa Adama

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