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(Inspired the experiences of  ‘girl child’ being molested, defiled and abused).

Any weak person can give into his or her sexual urges but it takes a real man to display self control either publicly or privately.
There is something so special about a woman/girl who dominates in a man’s world; it takes lots of strength, intelligence, fearlessness and the good  nerve to take ‘No‘ for an answer. So why take away their(women) future, their great dreams, freedom and replacing it with threat, causing low-selfesteem, infections, teenage pregnancy and lots more? The aforementioned acts and also When a woman is forced into srxual act, its referred to as rape.

To move further its important to elaborate more on what rape is.
So, what is Rape?: Any Vaginal,Oral penetration that is forced upon another irrespective of the victims sex/gender using anybody parts or objects which afterwards causes physical and psychological trauma is termed rape. Rape is a crime because it’s a form of sexual assault involving sexual intercourse that goes against someone’s will. A rapist is therefore a CRIMINAL since the act of rape is forcefully carried out. Its unfortunate that the girl child who fall victim of this shameful act of rape is denied and deprived  freedom. We should know that victims will never see, feel and touch lives the same way again.

On this article, I am concentrating on the Girl Child and women generally because except in instances of homo-sexual rape, it is the  woman who is a victim. Although it could affect men also because Girls/women who are raped are in one way or the other  related to men and they need support, care and understanding from all those around them which could  include : fathers, brothers, husband and friends. Most times the society accuses women of indecent dressing and exposing body parts when abused and molested but what happened to your  self control as a man? Rape existed long before short skirts and plunging necklines were invented. Stop thinking that a woman’s cleavage is telling you to go for it. A woman/girl’s body is not a meat for you to devour because you see it available in front of you, enticing you to take a piece of it. There have been Six horrendous rape cases in Nigeria recently. We’ve had Cases of school children being raped their teachers or supervisors.

Just a couple of days ago, a sad story of  a little girl OCHANYA who was raped and molested has been making rounds all over the media. According to multiple reports this young 13 year old girl was been allegedly molested,defiled, brutally raped and sodomized for 5years her 52 years old uncle and his son as they took rounds on her since she was 8. Eventually the little girl Ochanya died with an illness(Vesicovaginal fistula VVF) what a painful exit. Imagine 5 years of anal and vaginal pains, emotional and mental depression from the constant abuse-Oh what a world!
She was cut down in her prime, her dreams was shattered. I pray that  justice prevails.

This is just one instance among many of how the Girl Child is been molested and abused. It could be your own child or sister. If you observe from secondary to higher institutions, you realize that the GirlChild succumbs it more. We all have hearts the Girl Child does too. Don’t hurt them because they are little, can’t speak or will be afraid to.
 Together we can stop rape and it starts with you.

Women, teach your son’s that real men don’t rape. Teach men in your life not to rape or harass women. Raise a Man not a future RAPIST. Lets keep it simple, sex without consent is rape. Sex forcefully done with authority and against the will of someone is rape. when she says no, let her be. Let’s avoid VICTIM BLAMING, LETS RESPECT PEOPLE’s BOUNDARIES. After that 10 minutes come, what else will you gain tarnishing your own image? SAY NO TO UNLAWFUL SEXUAL INTERCOURkkkkaSE. DEAR MEN PLEASE PROTECT US.#justiceforOchanya #keepRestingLittleOne #JusticeForOchanya

Written by: Shina Sylvia Waziri (Lydia)

           Shina Sylvia Waziri (Lydia)

 About the Writer:

Shina Sylvia Waziri (Lydia) is from Chikun LGA Kaduna state. She is Gbagyi tribe. 
Shina Sylvia Waziri is an elite, she is bold and inquisitive. An entrepreneur(she is the CEO of SHEENA'S COLLECTIONS) and a beauty therapis. She is awriter and a Nurse with a difference. She love eating anything sweet and delicious. She is a  professional model-One  time contestant of Miss Gbagyi Nigeria
Contact Shina:
Call or WhatsApp 08173540464
Facebook: ASiMi ShiNah 
Twitter: @Sylvia-Shinah
Instagram: Shinah Ghold

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