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What is gossip? Gossip is an idle talk about someone’s private or personal matters, especially someone not present.

“Them say”, “she say”, “he say” are terms we are familiar with in our neighborhood. At every phase in our lives we will always receive report of “who is saying” and “who is not saying ” about us either negative or positive. No human can escape from this reality of others talking at our back. Our approach to confront situations we were gossiped at depends on wisdom. Since we frown or are bitter when others gossip us, there is a need for us to keep our mouth shut at situations we cannot confront rather than giving out false information of what we know not.

Gossip usually ends up tarnishing one’s image. During gossip one is likely to protect his or her self image but tarnish that of the person absent in their discussion. Some of us gossip other people as a result of our hatred for them, probably because you aren’t on the same levels with them, other times envy and some other times because we feel like spilling out any thing that comes to our mind without self control.

There is a need for us to bridle our tongue as humans. This is one of the reason why some people find it hard to share secret because some tongues are not bridle. Secret being shared with persons are used against one and makes the confider disappointed. This is what gossip does and keep doing amidst personal relationships.

Great minds don’t talk about people, they talk about events.

Happy Wednesday.

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