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Heartbreak is a coinage of two separate words called “Heart and Break”. The two words have literally or denotative meaning. That is why you will hear people say, ” A heart cannot break” because of the meanings attach to heart and break in our English dictionary.

So, our discussion on the topic “Heartbreak” is based on a connotative meaning and that is the very reason why we will be touching relationship as a theme. Of course, not every relationship experience heartbreak, but its an emotional defeat that occurs as a realization that the love of a person you care most for is drifting far from where it has always been ( usually between two partners or opposite sex in a love relationship)
The coined word has basically two synonyms which are also coined words known as heartache and broken heart.
An English dictionary defines heartbreak as an overwhelming, mental anguish or grief especially, that is caused loss or disappointment.
It can be caused different circumstances and that’s what makes this emotion to be easily recognized nearly every person on the planet why? Because it can result from the loss of a loved one, a partner, a friend and even a closed pet and sometimes as a result of disappointment earlier mentioned in the dictionary definition and other times because of betrayal.

Stories about human beings have reveal to us that they are constantly searching to fulfill this emotion called love. It has given us vital reason why we see people act in some silly ways just to have someone that they can call their own. They do crazy, stupid things and regrettable mistakes but mehnnnnn, that just “falling in love”.

In our everyday findings, I have got to understand that heartbreak occurs in stages.
They are:
1. SHOCK AND DENIAL: Here, a person deny the reality of the situation, this provides emotional protection from feeling overwhelmed the situation.

2. PAIN AND GUILT: At this point, when the shock wears off, it becomes replaced with suffering and unbearable pain. Regret for things you did wrong or things that you weren’t able to do with this person adds to further tears. At this stage, it is good for one to stray from bottling emotions.

3. ANGER AND BARGAINING: Lashing out is a common form of attempting to release all unspoken emotions. This is the stage where the”why why why?” questioning comes in; the pleas for returned love run rapid, trying to bargain with fate or with the person who has just lost.

4. DEPRESSION, REFLECTION AND LONELINESS: like everyone else in this situation, a period of sadness clouds and absorb your entire sense of being, leaving feelings of emptiness. This feeling occurs when you finally realize and accept the magnitude of your loss. Isolation from people is exceeding normal, and offers a time to reflect on the past.

5. ACCEPTANCE AND AN UPWARD TURN: The feelings of depression lift slightly and life becomes possible to survive without that person so deeply intertwined with each activity. The days are a little easier to shuffle through, and you see the possibility of continuation. The reality of the situation is accepted and although happiness may not return for sometime, the ability to move forward has occurred.

So many persons suffers heartbreak today because they didn’t define the relationship with their partners. One Paramount thing, some of our young people tend to forget in relationship is that they don’t set boundaries. It is very good to be plain to each other and trying to keep to boundaries. It help to regulate the activities in that relationship. Another reason for heartbreak in relationship is that, the two people involve might not have a stated vision at the beginning. In essence, one of the person cannot really figure out where the relationship will lead them to. Above all dating for wrong reasons like security, material gains and financial assistance whereas the other person involved has clear motives of genuine love for their partner.

Now, the effect of heartbreak are depression, anxiety, withdrawal from friends, family, appetite changes, lack of motivation, weight loss, stomach pain, headache, being numb at work, not paying attention to your needs, not having fun anymore, struggling with boundaries, refusing to date again for wrong reasons and being unable to sleep.

In conclusion, the following ways can help to mend a broken heart
1. Keeping busy with hobbies you are passionate about and trying new things also makes your mind to wave some things away.
2. Get a group of friends together and watch a movie.
3. Give yourself time and do things that make you happy.

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