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Every Wednesday we bring to you a special segment from our online Magazine(IAMBEST MAGAZINE) titled “Words In Pen”. Today is different as we bring something simple, educative to you from Twitter.

A Twitter user, Ryan Stephens took to Twitter to share tips of himself and his wife on how to make a marital union work. We would also want to know and hear your opinion on the comment section below:

According to one of his tweets, he said it was written his wife
Read his tweet below:
Check out a husband
Check out a husband
In their website, this is what his wife wrote. Read below:
I’ll leave you with perhaps the best marriage advice we ever received in a recap of a conversation between me and a random woman on the beach in Jamaica:
Me: “We just got married over the weekend. This is our honeymoon. It’s our last evening here.”
Woman: “Want some advice?”
Me: “Sure.”
Woman: “The secret to a long marriage is easy… just stay married.”
Simple, but true. Marriage, or any long-term relationship, is not all about love and romance. It’s about working at it day in and day out. It’s about choosing your partner every day. Whether you love them or hate them on that given day – and trust me, there will be days that you hate each other – choose to stay married.
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