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It is Christmas season again…

That season of the year when Christians of the world celebrates the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and also shares love with one another because when we talk Jesus, we talk love.

It is well known that during this period, alot of people shop for items in order to celebrate the season. This items goes from foodstuffs, clothing, gift hampers, and even down to hair making. As a typical Nigerian, I know how precious this season is and the spendings usually done in this season. Want to try a Naija Christmas? No country does it better?

But again, it is no news that the prices of things in the current day Nigeria is on a daily increase. Price hikes on all items, you can’t get what you bought yesterday with the same amount today. This price hikes has for long affected the lifestyle of many Nigerians and it’s not going to be different in this season as a matter of fact, the prices might be tripled. But would that stop the people from shopping?

It wouldn’t stop the people from shopping but one thing you need to know as you go about your shopping or spendings in this period is to try as much as to celebrate or shop within your means, spend wisely. Yes, in the time past you could afford whole of the market so why should the present be different? It is different because things are not the same way they were before and the money isn’t easy to comeby.

You shouldn’t rob a bank or go broke because you want to impress or celebrate. Trust me, Jesus will be so happy to see that you apply wisdom in this season. Be sure you’re not burdening a fellow with your unnecessary wants in this season especially my sisters. It is Jesus birthday not yours. The prices of hair are super expensive even to attachments that seem to be affordable are now expensive too. If you have alternative on what to do with your hair, please do and if you don’t have a means for yourself, please rest. Cut down your fantasies, I mean, It is Christmas not some competition or beauty pageant. January is far, spend wisely. There is always scarcity of money in January majorly because of too much expenditure in December.

The current situation of Nigeria’s economy requires wisdom, prudent spendings. Know your opportunity cost that is, knowing the important things to get and the less important to forgo. Human wants are insatiable but knowing the important and less important will help you spend wisely.

Lastly, you don’t have to mount pressure on yourself at any point just because you couldn’t afford a fantasy. And for you not to be pressured is for you to acknowledge your present means an work with it. Try to save or invest, don’t always be a spender, be a saver or an investor. Above all and in all these things, let Jesus be glorified in your life and in this season.

Iambestnetworks wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. We send our love to you.

Abigeal Moses

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