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Life has different meanings yet, mean the same thing and it’s best defined the way one practically live it. It is a period of existence and also a start after birth.

 Life in it basic nature is an adventure that one has to feel it and see it. It is  simple to live when the right principles are followed and when we listen to the one who set the principles – God.

This same life though simple yet hard on some of us who find it difficult to understand and go according to its principles – the law breakers. Your life is said to be pleased when it pleases others around you and if it doesn’t, that means your life is questionable.

Life as it is, its a mixture of sweet and bitter although everyone want the sweet part of it. Sweetness can never come without passing through the bitterness i.e hardship. This is the phase one do not wish to face but its a must crossed road though it only a matter of time and endurance. Once the two are considered then we penetrate into the hard time and make it sweet for living. Remember “nothing good comes easy”.

Let’s glimpse into the life that follow after birth and realise its also in stages. Never rush, rather follow it  gradually.

Another aspect of life is in it’s spoken words.  Sometimes we take words as nothing especially when it spoken a child or some ” common” persons. Its important to note that words spoken carelessly are like eggs broken on sand or a milk poured on sand.

This life is beautiful if its well understood. One can emulate good attitudes from decent models.
Never make another person’s life miserable rather, be the reason why others can smile. Learn to say sorry  when you are at fault. Bring out the best in yourself and the best from others.(Photo credit: Google)
Written : Priscillia Chigudu
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