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It is okay to fall and break down but it is not okay when you refuse to stand up in order to start or continue from where you have fallen.
When life gives you 99 reasons to give up, give life that one reason you should not give up. Giving up comes when you start doubting yourself and starts seeing your dreams as unrealistic. But the truth is, when your dreams are not bigger than you then, you have not started. With personal experience I have come to realise that the thought of giving up steps in when you worry more and act less; Worrying on how to go about achieving your dreams at your present state because this dreams seem bigger than your present state, financially, materially or otherwise and you also thought about those who are already ahead of you in that field and all you have is self-pity for yourself. Though enough to get you bothered but it isn’t enough to make you want to give up.

In order not to give up, one thing you must always do is to believe in yourself. Never doubt yourself, you might be incapacitated right now with things around you but it is not a reason to give up. Don’t allow situations or people redefine who you are.
Successful people though they fall but they rise and never give up rather they believe in themselves, see failure as a stage for success. Never stop hoping because the moment you stop hoping, you start settling and settling means giving up without reaching your desired goals.


Those people who you see as successful people today also started from the scratch and they would not have been successful if they had given up, so beloved there’s still hope for you, don’t limit yourself with the present situations/challenges, see beyond your challenges and most importantly, never give up on yourself because you are all you’ve got. Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Stay blessed.

Written Abigail Moses
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